TEL: 01509 210550 | 60a Wards End, Loughborough. LE11 3HB 

After dining if you wish to stay and continue your evening in good company, please do. The bar will be pleased to remain open and extend our hospitality into the late hours, at our discretion.

Car Parking:

  • Beehive Lane Car Park. Located at Beehive Lane LE11 2TY
  • Granby Street Car Park. Located at Granby Street LE11 3DU
  • Browns Lane Car Park. Located at Browns Lane LE11 3HE

The following Parking areas are available for no fee after 6pm and one hour only during the day times.

(this maybe subject to change outside of our control so please check when you park)

  • Bedford Square Car Park LE11 2TP
  • Wards End Street Parking LE11 3HB